Copywriting Mary Bahus-Meyer of Full Circle Creative

AD COPY: The White Orchid

AD COPY: The White Orchid

won’t let their clients get shaken or stirred

The secret to running 4 successful stores - my smartCPA!  They solved the mystery behind matching inventory to sales in multiple stores. Whether the merchandise shipments are double, 0 or 7, my inventory is correct. Always calm, cool and capable, the smartCPA has my back and my trust.

The ad concept was inspired by James Bond (played by the cpa firm's managing director) and his glamorous leading ladies (here played by cpa client Diane Muno, owner of four stores).

Ad copy by Mary Bahus-Meyer was written to be witty, a play on 007 (Bond), and appealing to retailers in Colorado looking for a cpa.

Mary also provided photo styling for the shoot, on location at The White Orchid bridal store in Estes Park, Colorado.

Concept development and graphic design created by Full Circle Creative.

AD COPY: Barista Pro Shop

AD COPY: Barista Pro Shop

the smartCPA
keeps you in the black

Double mocha skinny latte sugar-free syrup in a “green” cup with scone on the side?  No problem! Barista Pro Shop provides all the ingredients and supplies our coffee shop clients need to succeed.  Our own success required us finding the right CPA to take the first crack at our steaming e-commerce sales.  The smartCPA recommended a robust accounting system and balanced our multistate taxes.  We like our Internet sales like we like our coffee - hot...and in the black.

Concept development and graphic design created by Full Circle Creative.

AD COPY: Push Industries

AD COPY: Push Industries

shreds the line to success

Get on your cool kit and shoot the gap, bra! No worries about your bottom line -  find your line instead!  PUSH Industries was stoked to shred but needed coin to expand operations.  The smartCPA helped us refine our financial reporting and save on taxes so we could obtain the greenbacks we needed to grow.  Now we can jet the line to the zone!
Don’t be a Gomer – avoid mandibular disharmony by working with the smartCPA.

Ad copy by Mary Bahus-Meyer was specifically written to be fun and appealing to bicyclists and the cycling industry in Colorado, using much of their lingo.
She interviewed the owner of PUSH Industries before writing the ad copy, and was on location providing styling for the photo shoot (note the dirt on Darryl!).

Concept development and graphic design created by Full Circle Creative.

AD COPY: Eternal Brothers

AD COPY: Eternal Brothers

A smartCPA
Guides Your Mission

Eternal Brothers may look like bad-boy bikers, yet they are on a mission from God: feeding, clothing, counseling those in need.  The Brothers are on the straight and narrow of tax compliance, nonprofit governance and good stewardship over their resources.  The smartCPA, accounting your blessings.

Concept development and graphic design created by Full Circle Creative.

The Importance of Words versus Pictures - Content for Marketing

Which is more important - words or pictures?  In the recent movie “Words and Pictures,” students at a school take sides over which is superior. “A picture tells a thousand words,” yet a picture doesn’t tell the whole story.  We need words, too, to flesh out what we see and feel.  Words can be informative, persuasive, humorous, or moving. They can add context and credibility and convey the meaning behind the image.

A photo may capture a customer’s attention, but the words then have to “sell” it. As a copywriter for the Smithsonian Gift Catalog, I was charged with crafting persuasive and informative blurbs about museum products that were for sale. In three or four sentences, the copy had to “romance” the product - selling the sizzle, not the steak - and also provide the usage, provenance (background/history), details such as color, size, fabric, and explain briefly how the product related to the museum collections. The photo alone wasn’t enough to convince people to order and to part with their dollars.

Explore Bold New Worlds - Expand Your Brain!

Have you lost touch with something that was an important part of your life for many years? It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day routines of our businesses and families and forget the other things that may have personal meaning for us.

Whether we get complacent, stuck in a routine, or need to “refill the well,” we often need something to inspire us, motivate us, and give us a little kick in the pants. For me, this has happened TWICE in the past 2 months - almost like lighting striking twice in the same place!

WEB CONTENT: Why do business with Mueller Pye & Associates CPA?

“We have fun sharing our expertise with our clients and within our community so that together we achieve more than any of us thought possible.”

That’s our mission, and we take it seriously!  So much more than experienced accountants, we think of ourselves as gurus, heroes, and experts for our clients.  We believe in creating a positive impact, a ripple effect that benefits your business and family, and, subsequently, your community. We also give back to every community in which we have a presence, from participating in neighborhood events to sponsoring nonprofit organizations.

Our goal is to help you attain the success you desire - which means something different for everyone. It may mean building or selling a prosperous business, buying a bigger home or moving into a new office or warehouse, traveling, spending more time with grandkids, or leaving a legacy to your family, church, and community.

Our comprehensive approach works throughout different stages of your life - from buying a home, investing earnings, having a family, creating a nest egg, and retiring to pursue other interests -  to ensure you’re on track to get where you want to be.

Serving a broad range of business clients, from retail to corporate, we also specialize in working with nonprofit organizations, the oil and gas industry, and the craft beverage industry.

As your trusted advisor, we’ll provide the professional services, support, and advice you need to help you achieve your dreams.  


Mueller & Associates CPA was founded in Loveland, Colorado in 2008 by Paul and Teresa Mueller.  The Muellers purchased an existing accounting firm, and, in 8 years, quadrupled the size of that practice by devoting their tax and accounting expertise to business clients, their owners, and families.  The company now has offices in Loveland and Estes Park, Colorado, and in Katy, Texas.

In 2017, Robyn Pye joined the firm as a Partner and Director of of Tax Services, and the company changed its name to Mueller Pye & Associates CPA LLC.  Robyn and Paul had worked together in the past at the Mann Frankfort Stein & Lipp CPA firm in Houston for more than 10 years.  Robyn oversees the firm’s office in Katy, Texas, near Houston.


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