AD COPY: Push Industries

shreds the line to success

Get on your cool kit and shoot the gap, bra! No worries about your bottom line -  find your line instead!  PUSH Industries was stoked to shred but needed coin to expand operations.  The smartCPA helped us refine our financial reporting and save on taxes so we could obtain the greenbacks we needed to grow.  Now we can jet the line to the zone!
Don’t be a Gomer – avoid mandibular disharmony by working with the smartCPA.

Ad copy by Mary Bahus-Meyer was specifically written to be fun and appealing to bicyclists and the cycling industry in Colorado, using much of their lingo.
She interviewed the owner of PUSH Industries before writing the ad copy, and was on location providing styling for the photo shoot (note the dirt on Darryl!).

Concept development and graphic design created by Full Circle Creative.

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