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Sage Holistic Health

Cultivating a Culture of Health

Full Circle Creative working closely with the Sage doctors, has created an image that matched the requirements of Sage — warm, inviting, natural.

The website is packed with valuable information that is easily found and host a library/blog that allows Sage to easily add and update articles.

Tell Your Folks What's Up

  • Built into the site is an emailing system allowing Sage to stay in contact with their clients. Since they only send out newsletters peridically, it is less expensive than having a monthly subscription.

    Sage can customize the look and feel of their email templates. 
    They can also create multiple templates with different layouts and colors.

  • Drag & Drop elements such as title, text, and images and dynamic fields that can
    add personalization such as "Dear Mrs. Smith" pulling names from your email list.

  • Sage can create multiple lists for different campaigns.  Either create them separately
    by adding/importing the contacts or add contacts from the main list into a new one.

  • Easy to follow statistics about each email campaign.

Other Marketing Materials