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  • Taupe & Ike sells a software suite for small businesses including tools for customer relationship management (CRM), lead generation, reputation management, and more—all in one place.

    The company has a goal to embrace and grow community which is part of the symbolism in the logo.

  • After researching other companies that sell similar tools, we created a unique image for Taupe & Ike, not simply using the ubiquitous lifestyle imagery in the workplace like so many other companies.

  • The illustrations demonstrate the many connections businesses have or need to be successful.

  • But with the flavor of Taupe & Ike.

  • Telling the unique story of Taupe & Ike.


    The Taupe & Ike website is clean, filled with great imagery and typography and sells products. 

    What You Gotta Know

    Support Area for the CRM

    Full Circle Creative also created a knowledge base support area. So often we have found that support areas can be unintuitive, hard to follow, hard to find what one is looking for.  We kept it simple and designed it to essentially be a step-by-step tutorial using the imagery from the user interface of the CRM system.

    Corporate Identity

    Our client is community oriented. Their vision is the company and products promote community.  Full Circle Creative wanted to create a design that did not feel corporate, embodied community, and would stand the test of time.

    The logo was based on the Mayan Astrology Sign Kawoq. The sign is about groups – family, society, meetings, etc.  It relates to the individual belonging to something greater than himself/herself.  Kawoq is about both material and spiritual abundance.  It is the rain that brings a good harvest.

    The Bug

    The Logo

    Corporate Stationary Package